Tourist Places

Indrasal Cave, Parvati

As per the mythology once Lord Buddha came to this place and took shelter in the cave. He spent whole…

Surya Mandir Handiya, Nardiganj

Surya Narayan Dham Temple located in the Handaia village of Naradiganj block of Nawada district is quite ancient. It is…

Jal Mandir
Shri Gunnawan Ji Tirth

Gunawan ji Tirth is located in Gonawan village of Nawada district. This temple is dedicated to Jain Muni Gandhar Gautam…

JP Ashram
Shekhodewra Ashram, Kawakole

Sekhodevara village, situated about 55 kilometers from the district headquarters, is very scenic . By combining two tolas called Sekho…

Budhauli Monastery & 52 Kothi 53 Dwar

Budhauli Monastery This is situated in Budahauli Village of Budhauli Panchayat of Pakribarwan Block. It was mainly the center of religion…

Kakolat Water fall

Kakolat Waterfall is a picturesque waterfall in Nawada district, popular with tourists due to its scenic surroundings. The falls also…

ककोलत जल प्रपात

ककोलत जलप्रपात नवादा जिले में एक सुरम्य जलप्रपात  है, जो लोकप्रिय दृश्यों के कारण पर्यटकों को लुभान्वित करता है  |पौराणिक कथाओं…