Nawada has been a place of historical imminence, King Brihadratha founded the Magadh Empire in the region and the area was dominated by many dynasties like Brihadratha, Maurya, Kanah and the Gupta that ruled over many states of middle and north India.

TheSurya Narayana Mandir of Handiya is earliest & it is supposed to be of Dwaparayuga. The Surya Narayana Mandir of Handiya is constructed by the King of Magadha Jarasandha, Jarasandha’s daughter Dhaniya was suffering from leprosy and used to stay this holy place every day for devotion. The Myth goes, she used to bathe in the nearby pond and was cured. Soon after Dhaniya established a place of worship of Maa Bhagwati in a close to village and a Shivalinga at Dhaniya hill, which is just away from main temple. Handiya is most remarkable place to visit for any one. It is beautifully surrounded on the north side by Rajgir Mountain and on the south by river. Each year millions of people come to visit the holy place. The Surya Narayana Mandir is also famous for betel nuts like Magahi Pan (handiya). Historians believe this place was a reputed religious center for the Hindus in the period of Palas.

From Nawada famous tourist places like Bodhgaya, Pawapuri, Nalanda (Nalanda University), Rajgrih are easily accessible at 1–2 hours drive by road. Train facilities are also accessible to Gaya and Kiul. It also shares border with Jharkhand. The mighty king Jarasandh whose birthplace was Tapoban and who fought with great Pandav Bhim who was the champion among the kings of the time. The history bears the testimony that Bhim has visited Pakaria village, which is three miles away from Nawada headquarter.

The place Sitamarhi situated in the lap of Nawada was blessed when Sita Jee made it her above in her exile and gave birth to Lava. The village Barat was the abode of great epic maker Balmiki. In the southern side of Rajauli sub-division of Nawada, Sapt-rishi had made the place their abode. Great Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira who are regarded, as the first lights of Asia loved this place very much. The king Bimbisar was one of the most beloved disciples. Truly every inch of this place is the witness that Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavir gave first priority to offer their mission to this place. The historical sermon of Lord Buddha was reveled for the first time here.

The village Dariyapur Parvati in the Nawada District situated six miles north of Warisaliganj. There are ruins and relic of Kapotika Bodh Bihar. In the centre stands a famous temple of Avalokiteshwer. King Aditaysen founded the historical monuments in the village Apsar that is visible even today. Kurkihar enjoyed its esteemed glory in the Pal dynasty. It is about three miles North East away from Warisaliganj. Some significant temples and religious spots within the district are Panchmukhi Shobhnath, Sankat Mochan, Gonawa Jal Mandir & Bolta Pahad. Kakolat Waterfall is a picturesque waterfall in Nawada district, popular with tourists due to its scenic surroundings. The falls also play a role in Hindu mythology, when according to legend an ancient king was turned into a python by a rishi’s curse and lived within the falls. Folklore suggests that Krishna used to go there with his queens for taking bath. This is one of the best waterfalls in India. Water of this fall is cold for the whole year.