Surya Mandir Handiya, Nardiganj


Surya Narayan Dham Temple located in the Handaia village of Naradiganj block of Nawada district is quite ancient. It is one of those historic Sun temples that symbolises the faith of the people. During the excavation surrounding the temple, the relics of the symbol and the stone-made chariot path were obtained. It is believed that this temple has been associated with Dwapar era. A pond is located near the temple. It is believed that leprosy is removed after bathing in this water. On Sunday, a large number of people worship the bath in the pond and worship the sun temple.


Photo Gallery

  • Handiya
    Surya Mandir Handiya
  • Surya Mandir
    Surya Mandir, Handiya
  • Hadiya
    Hadiya Sun Temple

How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest airport from Nawada is Gaya & Patna. There are regular flights from Gaya to Various Palces and Patna to Kolkata, Delhi, Ranchi, Mumbai, Varanasi, Lucknow, and Kathmandu.

By Train

Nawada is directly connected with Lakhisarai and Gaya railways station.

By Road

Nawada is connected by roadway with Patna, Gaya, Kolkata. This Place is 5 KM from Rajgir and 31 KM from Nawada Head Quarter.