Budhauli Monastery & 52 Kothi 53 Dwar


Budhauli Monastery

This is situated in Budahauli Village of Budhauli Panchayat of Pakribarwan Block. It was mainly the center of religion spiritualism and knowledge. There is a large lake in this monastery, where water from all the rivers of the world have been brought into the pool. Budauli Math is made up of 1800 AD. There is still a beautiful Durga Mandap in this center. The Goddess is worshiped every year on Navratra . In past, 101 Mahatma and Purohohi were used to visit this place frequently.

52 Kothi 53 Dwar

This is situated in Budahauli Village of Budhauli Panchayat of Pakribarwan Block. This place keep its importance in terms of Educational and Religious Centers. In this monastery, there are many statues of Ashta metal placed, there are statues of Lord Vishnu, Sita, Ram and  Shankar etc. The First President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad has visited this monastery and several famous personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan also visited this place. Dr. Surya Prakash Puri had donated 250 acres of land for Magadh University and the University is running on its land.
These two centres of Pakribarawan are of great importance in terms of tourism and religion.

Photo Gallery

  • BudhauliMath
    Budhauli Math, Pakribarawan
  • Budhauli Math
    Budhauli Math, Side View
  • Shiv Temple
    Shiv Temple, Budhauli

How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest airport from Nawada is Gaya & Patna. There are regular flights from Gaya to Various Palces and Patna to Kolkata, Delhi, Ranchi, Mumbai, Varanasi, Lucknow, and Kathmandu.

By Train

Nawada is directly connected with Lakhisarai and Gaya railways station.

By Road

Nawada is connected by roadway with Patna, Gaya, Kolkata. This place is about 29 KM from Bihar Bus Stand, Nawada via Kadirganj at Budhauli Village in Pakribarawan Block.