Nawada district has its own glory in the field of tourism and has potential to be developed as a tourist center. There are several places of interest located in the vicinity of the town. These include Kakolat Waterfall (24km from town), Sekho Devra Ashram (Sarvodaya Ashram was established here in Kowakole block by Jaiprakash Narayan and inaugurated by Dr. Rajendra Prasad), Hariya Sun Temple (located in Hariya village under Nardiganj block), Baba Majaar and Hanuman Temple (located on NH 31, a shrine of Hazrat Saiyyad Shah Jalaluddin Bukhari and a Hanuman temple), Jarra Baba (located in Sirdalla), Hanuman Mandir (located in Kendua village) and Maa Bageshwari Mandir (located in Jamuawa, in 3 km of Jamui road of Nawada in side of Sakri River).